Why I go on holidays?

There are a lot of people around me – at the office – who only go on holiday when they feel they can no longer go on with everyday work and they need a break. They tend to take only a few days off per year, max two weeks, and they never have plans well in advance on where they want to go. They even feel maybe, that taking holidays is a sign of weakness, indicating that they cannot cope with the amount of stress at work or something.

Not me. I always take all my holidays – 25 days per year – and sometimes I even take more on top of that, as unpaid leave. Sometimes I go on holidays to recharge, because I feel tired with work. But more often, I go when I am full of energy.

When I go on holiday, I seek experiences that give me a different perspective.

I spend more time in nature than I can usually afford.

I spend way more time with people who matter.

I catch up on reading.

I catch up on writing.

I catch up on planning my future.

I meditate.

I do volunteer work.

All this, with a different mindset… one where I am not in a hurry, I can afford to be more spontaneous and efficiency does not matter so much.

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